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Satéur´s to launch new Story concept stores across Europe

At Satéur, we understand that the task we have undertaken requires strategic planning and flawless execution.  Our vision is to grow rapidly and expand our operations and supply to every corner of the globe.

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We hope to get Satéur into the fingers of as many women as possible. There is a need to spread this awakening globally. Every woman out there, deserves to own high-quality, sparkling jewelry and confidently express their unique style and beauty without apology or compromise because of inflated pricing.

Our vision is to expand to 5 premium flagship stores in Canada, UK, USA, Paris, London by the year 2022. You deserve to own a Satéur product and we will make this happen. Each flagship store will have 3 floors:

1.) The Showroom

The Ground floor will be a showroom for all kinds of superb, sparkling stone jewelry styles and amazing designs. This is where you can pick any product that captures your heart.

2.) The Surprise

The 1st Floor will be the best of local, seasonal and limited-edition items and souvenirs customized to fit the locality. Shoppers will have complete access to an array of indigenously-crafted, luxury jewelry, made to fit the local flavor of the area. For instance, our London store will have items customized specifically for the local UK market and market as a UK Special edition.

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3.) The Café

The 2nd Floor will be the Satéur Concept café store, furnished with Satéur kitchenware and designed to be one of the coolest, most iconic cafes in the specific city.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Satéur is simple, we want to empower individuals to be able to make their own choices without influence from the diamond monopolistic propaganda and mass media misinformation. We are focused on delivering quality jewelry stones at very affordable pricing without the inflated, exorbitant cost of diamond. Satéur’s aim is to bring the needed change in the jewelry industry by helping individuals make better choices as they realize that they can do better with their hard-earned money.

Satéur is committed to providing affordable, stunning jewelry stones for individuals who dare to be different. People who dare to challenge the status quo, think differently and walk their own path as they choose. Satéur is the next generation of jewelry and seeks lead the charge against following societal patterns and norms when it comes to owning jewelry.

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Satéur asks the question – Why spend thousands on diamond, a stone that you’ve been brainwashed to believe view as rare and priceless when you can own Satéur which is similar but costs about 1% the price of diamond. Be liberated. Getting a Satéur means walking your own path and making decisions your way.

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Live your life based on the truth and your own choices. This is our mission at Satéur, to awaken your mind and reveal the enlightenment you deserve, empowering you to live your life and dare to be different from society expects.


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