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5 Little Known Ways to Maximize The Efficiency of Your Face Mask During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Maximizing The Use of Your Face Mask.

Here are 5 common facts you must know to avoid mistakes whenever you wear a face mask. Check them out now!


Proper use of a face mask, whenever you leave your home, is crucial in stopping the coronavirus spread and an essential requirement in some places. But the highest benefit of the face mask is manifested when worn by a person that has been infected by the Corona Virus.

Many countries like Japan and South Korea, where there is the universal use of face masks, experience a lower rate of infection because it serves as a barrier to the community spread of the coronavirus.

How do face masks reduce the rate of coronavirus spread?

Once an individual has been exposed to the coronavirus, he /she remains asymptomatic for fourteen days, after which the symptoms appear. During this period of no signs, the person may be contagious and spread the virus, which shows the need for a face mask.

Note that face masks does not serve as a replacement for social distancing and the need for good and regular handwashing habit. Thus, social distancing remains our most effective means of curtailing the spread of the virus.

Difference between a washable and a single-use disposable face mask.

There are two basic types of face masks based on their durability after use:

Cloth washable face mask: This type of face cover is made of cloth and washable after use. It reduces costs and increases availability.

Disposable face mask: This type of face cover is disposed of after each use. Thus, it increases the cost spend on buying new masks.

Do you know how to handle your mask efficiently?

Despite the benefits of using a face mask, it could also lead to risks more significant than the coronavirus itself. This occurs due to the incorrect method of wearing, removing, and washing the face mask.

How to handle and use your face mask effectively.

To derive the maximal benefit from the use of your face masks. Here are 5 facts you must know to avoid making mistakes when handling and using your face mask effectively.

1) Ensure that your washable mask is multi-layered.

Irrespective of where you buy your mask and the material used to make it, always ensure that it has multiple layers and cover your nose and mouth when used to reduce the risk of infection.

Louise Elliot cloth face cover uses three-layer for better protection, and this is the best layer used as a face mask.

2) Select the best type of material for your face mask.

Choosing the best type of mask based on the material used is paramount to achieving the highest efficacy. Face covers made from cotton possess the following advantages:

  • It is the most durable.
  • It has water retention property under a humid condition.
  • It has water removing property under dry conditions.
  • The most breathable fabric material.

Louise Elliot cloth face cover is made of the best fabric material and is able to adjust to fit all users best.

3) Remove your face mask in the right way.

Whenever you want to remove your face mask, anytime, always make use of the straps or ear hooks to put it off your face. Doing this minimizes the frequency of contact you make with your face during the process of removing your mask.

4) Wash your hand properly after removing your mask.

Always wash your hand with soap and water immediately after taking your mask off, just as you would do after touching other surfaces. Ensure you do not wet the cover after removal.

5) Wash and dry your mask after each use.

Cloth mask should be washed after each use to keep it free from viruses, as opposed to the single-use mask, which is meant to be disposed of after each use. Whenever you want to wash your face mask, make it gently using a washing machine or your hand to make it clean and devoid of viruses or other contaminants. Despite the advantage of face masks, many people still find it difficult to wash their covers.

Louise Elliot’s cloth face cover is easily washable and can be re-used for a dozen times. Therefore you can get Louise Elliot bundle and have masks that they are easily interchangeable.

Louise Elliot®, in their contribution to the world’s fight against the pandemic, is offering a flat 80% discount on each face cover bought now.



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