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Best Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Best Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Engagements are great moments and we know diamonds are the most preferred choice but how about we look for something different? It’s quite easy to get caught up in the craze for diamond but you don’t have to jump into the bandwagon. How about you stand out with some of these best daimond alternative engagement rings?

1.) Sateur Stone

Though having a similar look with diamond that is quite hard to detect with the naked eyes, the Sateur Stone is different and makes an awesome alternative. It costs only 1% a fraction of the price of a 2-carat diamond and comes with the same blazing brilliance.

The Sateur Stone could even be classified as a lab-grown gem stone but it isn’t really diamond, it’s Sateur Stone! If you’re interested in a stone that isn’t conflicted, comes with no moral issues and costs far less, then the Sateur Stone is an ideal option

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2.) Emeralds

Emeralds are one of the 4 most popular precious gemstones and are green in color. They’re known as the birthstone for May-borns and make a unique alternative to diamond rings. When choosing an emerald for your engagement ring, ensure a suitable setting is used for the stone because they can be a bit brittle than you would like. Emeralds are perfectly suitable for use as one of the best diamond-alternative engagement rings.

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3.) Moissanite

Well, if you want something other-worldly, that still looks great like a diamond, your answer is moissanite. This stone originally comes from space through a falling meteor which makes it rare to find. However, thanks to man’s ingenuity, there are a lot of lab-made moissanite which look like the real thing. Heck, they have the same characteristics with the organic one!

In actual fact, it would be a tad difficult to mention an ideal stone to be used in the best diamond-alternative engagement rings without mentioning moissanite. The lovely thing about this amazing stone is the fact that, it looks great like diamond, is almost as hard and shines even brighter than it. In addition, it costs far less than diamond, so what do you say?

4.) Sapphire

An amazing stone that typically comes in sparkling blue color, the Sapphire is an ideal stone for use in jewelry if you would love something different from diamond. Sapphire is said to symbolize faithfulness and gentility which means a great deal of commitment between partners. If want something distinct and still classy, you could give the Sapphire a shot. It’s known to be durable too so you’re safe to use your hands as you wish.

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5.) Ruby

Rubies completes the ‘holy’ quartet of stones that are most popular as gemstones –  the diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. This stone is deep red but sparkles so brilliantly; it’s said that rubies signifies the love and passion that comes with relationships.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg proposed to his wife with a 3-stone ring with a dazzling ruby at its center and diamonds on each side of it. Careful though, rubies can be quite as expensive as diamonds. However, if you have the funds for diamond but want something different, the ruby ring is one of the best diamond-alternative engagement rings out there.

6.) Plain band

Sometimes going the basic way could be the best option. A plain gold, silver or platinum band will hold as much as meaning as that with a diamond set in it. In the end, it isn’t the stone in it that counts, it’s the value shared by the wearers that truly matters. Try a plain ring if you want something entirely different.

7.) Amethyst

A beautiful, glittering, stone that is as rare as they come, the deep purple-colored amethyst can be considered as one of the best diamond-alternative engagement rings. It’s not as popular as other stones but can be as beautiful when set into beautifully-molded gold or silver. Do you want something different? Try the amethyst and you will stand out definitely!

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So here you go! 7 best diamond alternative engagement rings you can put to use any time. Get hitched, no more excuses!

If you would rather spend less on an affordable stone that still looks great, the Sateur stone is a superb choice for you. It looks as great as diamond as far as the eyes can tell but costs only 1% of its price (impossible to differentiate the two stones physically).

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