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How much do you spend on an engagement ring?

How much do you spend on an engagement ring?

Are you thinking of proposing soon to the love of your life but stuck on how much to spend on an engagement ring? The first question on your head at this moment would be, “Ideally, how much for an engagement ring?”

There’s a general belief that an engagement ring should typically cost 2-3 months salary. Now considering your earning power, following this rule might be a bit problematic. It’s this wat because you have certain factors to consider before making a final decision on how much for an engagement ring.

1) Financial Capacity

The first factor to consider is your financial capacity. How much are you willing to dole out for an engagement ring. Following the 2-3 months salary rule, it means you’re going to be spending a good deal of money on your engagement ring of choice.

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For instance, what this means is, if you earn $3,000 a month, then you’re to spend about $6,000 to $9,000 on suitable engagement ring. Regardless of this is viewed, it still looks like a lot of money on an engagement ring without taking into account other factors.

Doing this isn’t exactly a rational behavior given the fact that your finances might not be so rosy. So ideally, how much for an engagement ring?

Thanks to the Sateur brand, getting a high quality engagement ring doesn’t have to cost you so much. We are a brand commited to providing affordable but high-grade engagement rings that meet the expectations of you and your spouse.

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2) Expectation

The second important factor to consider before spending on an engagement ring is the woman’s taste and expectation. People are different and the woman in question would have her unqiue preferences.

As the person popping the question, it stands that you would know your intended spouses preferences and exactly how to manage her. Spending 2-3 months pay on an engagement ringis neither ideal nor practical. Discuss with her even to reach a compromise even if she has high expectations.

It’s understandable if your woman wants the best ring possible. An engagement ring is a high value item that symbolizes your eternal love, faith and commitment to each other. The lady here would have had imaginations on how her engagement ring would look like in terms of the stone, the shape and the style.

Most women love beautiful things irrespective of how they hide it so it’s a fact that the lady would want something lovely and nice to look at and possibly show off to her friends. Be that as it may, you can still find an affordable ring that is truly gorgeous. You might even be surprised to find out she’s not eager for you to spend so much on an engagement ring so go ahead to ask her thoughts even though this doesn’t sound romantic. We are certain that your woman wouldn’t want you to go bankrupt because of an engagement ring.

3) Budget

Also, consider that there are several diamond alternatives for instance, if it’s way above your budget. The Sateur brand offers the Sateur stone ring which looks exactly like a diamond in all aspects. Shown a diamond and a Sateur ring, you’ll find it impossible to differentiate with your naked eye. Surprisingly, this beauty costs only about 1% the cost of a diamond of the same grade.

So how much for an engagement ring considered to be a balance? Check out the Sateur stone here to see for yourself: www.sateur.com/ring

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It’s obvious the 2-3 months-salary budget for an engagement ring was created from a marketing angle to get intending fiances to spend more on proposals. It simply isn’t a budget-friendly approach unless you have the funds to spend in the first place. It will interest you to know that this crazy approach was started by an ad from the De Beers company, the same corporation that has sold the world the dream that a proposal is perfect only when done with a diamond. Talk about getting you to spend more than necessary for a stone that isn’t as rare or expensive as it has been made to look.

The Sateur brand is commited to changing this narrative by creating a new generation of fine gemstone owners who don’t have to spend a fortune on it. In addition, we recommend doing a bit of research online to know the going rates of different engagement ring options.

4) Balance

So thinking of “how much for an engagement ring” is really a question of finding a balance between your pocket and what she likes. Getting into financial straits because of this isn’t advisable because you still have a future to build together and need all the money you can lay your hands on. Most people are deep in debts already and even if you aren’t, simply go for something modest if you don’t have the means.

In conclusion, do not go into debt, go way above your budget or go borrowing just to buy an engagement ring. Work with your partner to reach a reasonable compromise on what is ideal for both of you. Consider all the factors involved then reach a decision on how much for an engagement ring that’s worth your lifetime of love, commitment and loyalty together.

The Sateur Stone is a perfect choice for every couple planning to spend their lives together. Stunning brilliance, high quality and affordable – check it out here: www.sateur.com/ring

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