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How much is really the cost of diamond?

How much is really the cost of diamond?

Finally, the time is near to propose to your sweetheart and you plan to do so with a beautiful stone like a diamond. The first step to take before purchase is to find out the true cost of diamond before purchase. Typically, diamond is not as expensive as it has been painted to look and can even be considered worthless given the fact that it’s not really rare.

The cost of a diamond depends on several factors, for instance:

1 carat diamond costs around $5,000 – $10,000

2 carat diamond costs around $30,000 – $50,000

These prices are average and could be way above this figures. Pricing in diamond isn’t a straight-forward process and we will discuss this factors in this post.

To begin with, diamond is graded by 4C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. These 4 grading factors go along way to determine what a diamond should cost. In addition to these grading factors, the diamond price chart created by Martin Rapaport further helps in pricing a diamond accordingly.

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1.) Weight of the diamond

Diamond is priced based on the weight class. For instance, a 1 carat diamond of 0.95ct will cost more than that a 1 carat diamond  of 0.85ct. When getting a 2.0 carat diamond, go for 1.90 ct and if going for half a carat then consider a 0.45ct weight. The heavier the weight of the diamond, the higher the cost of diamond.

2.) Color of the diamond

How colorless a diamond is is also a grading factor to determine the cost of it. The highest level on the grading system is D while the lowest stands at Z. Without professional help, it’s quite to detect the difference. The D color grade diamond costs far higher than other grades as expected. If you’re not too particular about color as it’s not easy to detect with the naked eyes, you could go for a less expensive grade of diamond.

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3.) Clarity of diamond

Diamonds are not perfect stones without any markings on them. In fact, they have spots on them called inclusions. These inclusions determine the clarity of the diamond. The less the inclusion, the clearer the diamond and the higher the cost of diamond. Diamonds with an S1 clarity are said to be the ideal in terms of not being as expensive as flawless diamond and can save you 50% cost.

4.) The Shape of the diamond

A diamond’s shape can determine the cost of it. Round diamonds are costlier than cushion, oval and princess shapes of diamond. When considering purchase of a diamond, have it in mind that the cost will also be determined by the shape. To give you an idea of the shape comparison, a round cut diamond costing $6,500 will have an equivalent diamond with a cushion cut costing about $3,500.

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5.) The Cut of the diamond

You want a diamond that sparkles so brilliantly? The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. And the more cut it has, the higher the cost of diamond. Despite the higher cost associated with diamonds with more cuts on them, they’re usually the best option to go for if you have the funds. Typically, a 1 carat, round, D, Flawless diamond can be described as the perfect diamond and can cost from $12,000 to as high as $15,000. However, it isn’t necessary to spend this much if your financial capacity isn’t high enough to carry the purchase. A 1 carat, round, G-colored, SI1 Clarity diamond would cost less at about $5,000 plus while a cushion cut with the same features would cost from $3,000 which means you save more when you get any of these beauties.

Alternatively, a diamond price chart can help you find out the true cost of diamond of your choice. Designed by Martin Rapaport, the diamond price chart uses the 4 C’s to grade diamonds. On this price chart, a buyer can crosscheck across weight, carat, clarity, color and cut. It’s important to mention that the diamond price chart has its advantages and disadvantages. Pricing on the chart is usually in hundreds which means a diamond with a rating of 50 is actually $5,000.

Generally, diamonds considered to be most expensive have the following:

– Premium cut

– Perfect symmetry

– Brilliant shine

– Zero fluorescence

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In our honest opinion, an engagement ring from the Sateur brand is an ideal ring that blends class, quality and affordable pricing into one top choice for every intending couple. The stone is lab-created using rare chemical compounds processed through an innovative, high tech procedure to create the best quality stones affordable for everyone without compromising on quality.

Typically, a Sateur stone costs only 1% the price of regular diamonds and best yet, it’s impossible to differentiate the two stones (Sateur stone and diamond) with the naked eyes.

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