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Which finger do you put an engagement ring on?

Right from time immemorial, engagement rings have always been considered sacred. However, most couples wonder which engagement ring finger is most acceptable. So which engagement ring finger is really best?

Right from time immemorial, engagement rings have always held meaning for couples and over the years, it has become even more so. However, there has always been some confusion about which engagement ring finger is most acceptable.

Most couples see the 4th finger of the left hand as the ideal engagement ring finger. In fact, this is the standard all over the world. But how certain are we about which engagement ring finger is the right one?

In this post, we have discussed the possibilities of which finger and on which hand is actually correct.

Ancient Egyptians are said to be the first to start the tradition of using engagement rings before weddings, next were the Greeks now took up the tradition. However, the group credited to having a properly-documented history concerning the engagement ring were the Romans.

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In ancient Western society, the common belief was that the 4th finger of the left hand had a vein named the Vena Amoris (the vein of love), which led straight to the heart. Wearing the engagement ring on this finger meant the wearer would always have their loved on at heart. The 4th finger of the left hand was therefore seen as the best finger to wear an engagement ring. Some school of thought also claim it also symbolized the fact that the wearer’s heart has been claimed by a lover.

As it stands, the question of which engagement ring finger is most appropriate is still a raging one. Therefore, wearing an engagement ring on the left hand still can not be considered a global occurrence. For instance, in countries like Norway, India, Russia and Germany, engagement rings are usually worn on the right hand because there was a belief that the left hand could bring bad luck to the wearer.

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Society in countries like Sweden and Chile believe that both parties should wear engagement rings, and on the right hand up until after wedding when it can then be switched to the left hand.

For couples getting in engaged, which hand the ring is worn is simply a thing of preference. Most couples usually wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring after the wedding while other solder the 2 rings together. Where the ring is worn is no longer a cause for concern in our world today, as what truly matters is the promise of forever, commitment and love the two people involved have for each other.

Engagement rings are a symbol of the unconditional union between two people who care deeply about themselves. So which engagement ring finger is best?

We honestly believe the rings should be worn where it feels most convenient and comfortable for the wearer!

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