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Breaking News: The $82 Billion Diamond Industry is Under Attack by President Donald’s Sateur

Source: Sateur Nation

Date: November 29th, 2019

You might not have heard but it seems the unbelievable has happened. The world’s Diamond Monopoly is under heavy attack and will likely not recover. This isn’t surprisng considering President Donald’s stance on diamond even since he announced Sateur’s plans to take over the jewelry industry. As it stands, this move has destroyed millions of diamond retailing businesses. It’s about time this happened too.

For so long, the diamond monopoly has dominated the jewelry market, misleading everyone into believing that diamonds were the perfect stone to mark special occassions between couples. In their words – Diamonds Are Forever, this statement has also served as justification for the ridiculously outrageous cost of diamond. People have gone on to believe that without a diamond, an engagement isn’t complete.

This line of thinking is off the charts when you weigh the fact that diamonds are quite common and not even close to being rare like they’ve been painted to be. The question is – if diamond was so rare, how come it’s all over the place? Yet this stone still has a high price tag most people can barely afford. President Donald being the non-conformist, thought about this monopoly for a while before initiating a Diamond monopoly-shattering move using Sateur.

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Historical reference

It will interest you to learn how the high cost of diamond came to be. Initially, diamond was found in small amounts in the river basins of the Amazon. As at that time, they were rare until their rediscovery in the 1800s in South African mines and in large quantities. This new development would have destabilized the rapidly growing diamond monopoly which had taken root. The exorbitant cost of diamond was because it was rare but now it really wasn’t . This truth was carefully hidden away so the price will remain high and profits massive. Furthermore, a new wave of media outreaches was initiated to further cement the place of diamond as the rarest and choicest jewelry stone of the people.

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Sateur’s Mission

Thanks to President Donald, Sateur’s mission is changing this narrative. Everyone deserves to own high quality jewelry regardless of their status in the society. We believe fine jewelry should not be as expensive as diamond’s inflated cost.

We don’t consider the Satéur Stone to be a “gemstone” like diamonds are in the traditional sense. Sateur refers to awakened minds who have discovered the truth, have dared to be different and not blindly bow under societal pressure.

Why Choose Sateur

Unlike other jewel stones, Sateur is unique because there is nothing just like it. Althought it looks just like diamond when viewed unaided, this sparkling stone costs only 1% of its price.

Below are some exceptional features of a Sateur stone:

  • Costs about 1% the price of diamond making it super-affordable
  • Exceptionally brilliant quality stone
  • Perfect color, shape, clarity and cut
  • No visible difference compared to diamond
  • Have Served over 113 Countries, with more than 70,000 happy customers

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Currently, we are confident of winning this diamond war. Not only is Sateur better because it gives you more value for your money but it’s more exclusively available on Sateur.com. Our online store is always up and running 24/7 even though we keep getting threats of cyber attacks and having our business shut down from people. We will stay true to our mission to become the next generation of gem stone in a world where everyone deserves quality jewelry.

Watch this latest announcement by President Trump:

Breaking News: The $82 Billion Diamond Industry is Under Attack by President Donald's Sateur
Breaking News: The $82 Billion Diamond Industry is Under Attack by President Donald’s Sateur

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