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Seitét Astronauta® Mini II Table Décor

Last Updated 05-12-2023


The Seitét is a luxury home décor piece designed by the finest master craftsmen in Milano, Italy. Every Seitét® piece has an exquisite design that will transform your home space like never before! Experience the unparalleled delight that comes from owning high-end but affordable home décor products.

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  • Designed by Seitét® In Italy
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Unique Seitét® Design

All Seitét® home décor pieces are designed to be unique to the Seitét® brand only. There are no look-alikes anywhere. When you buy from Seitét®, you are buying an original product that’s exclusive to us. Seitét® items can only be purchased via our online stores. Designed in Milano, Seitét® made by the finest master craftsmen in the world.

Product Details:

  • SKU: SEI-S21041
  • Color: White
  • Size: 23.5 (L) x 17 ( W) x 42 (H)
  • Material: Resin

Transform your home décor

Seitét® is designed to transform your home décor like no other piece. Our craftsmen put in the work to create a home décor product line that delivers unmatched sophistry to the look of your home. If a luxury home feeling is your aim, Seitét® home décor accessories are the answer.


Enjoy Ownership of a Masterful Design

Seitét® products are exclusive to only our brand online stores. You’ll not find Seitét® products anywhere else. All Seitét® products are hand-made in Italy before being shipped to different flagship stores worldwide. When you buy Seitét®, you become an owner of a masterful design that will become a historic masterpiece item in future.


Suitable as Art Collection Pieces

For shoppers looking to not only improve the look of their home but also collect artistic designs, Seitét® is a good place to start. Seitét® home décor products are exclusive which means they could become even rarer in future. When you own one, you own an art piece that could be worth a lot of value years from now.


Perfect Gift Item for Loved Ones

If you love giving gifts, Seitét® home décor products are the perfect gift item for your loved ones. Elegant, high-end home décor products designed to enhance the home space, people dear to your heart would love owning one of Seitét® luxury redefined masterpieces.


Ideal Set for All Occasions

Seitét® is perfect for all occasions, whether it is improving the look and feel of your space or gifting away as a gift item. Seitét® home décor products are not only luxury home décor pieces for beautifying your home or impressing guests, they can serve for other uses as well.


Our Vision

We are specialized in creating luxury lifestyle designs for home products like furniture, tableware, glassware, chess sets, lights, etc. We are passionate about fitting your home with high-end accessories that will improve your quality of life. We plan to open flagship stores in the USA, UK, and Canada by the year 2023. Our vision is to help homeowners live life in a home that matches their luxury preferences without spending a fortune.


Order Delivery

We ship all items from our USA office. For all orders, we ship from a US warehouse and eliver in 3-5 business days. For international orders, we ship from our 5 different locations namely, Milano, UK, Hong Kong, China, Australia or Canada. Estimated delivery time is 7-14 days so please refer to the checkout page to get an estimated delivery date for your specific order.




How do I make a purchase?

Ordering online from Seitét is easy! When viewing an item, simply add to cart, then proceed to checkout. There you will then be prompted to either sign in to your account or to create a new account. Finally, you will be directed to complete the Shipping address, shipping method, and payment method. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address containing the contents of your order!

Can I purchase on my phone?

Yes, you can visit our mobile website on your smartphone by simply entering seitet.com on the search bar of your browser. Our website is optimized for the best mobile shopping experience.

What if there’s a problem with my order?

If there are any issues with your order at all, please reach out to our team at [email protected] where we will be available Monday to Friday to help you resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Can I make changes to my order?

Our orders are processed within 24-48 hours during business days. If you reach out to us before the item has been processed, we can help you make changes. But if your order has been processed and shipped out, we won’t be able to make any changes.

What delivery options are there?

We offer the following delivery options: standard delivery, express delivery, scheduled delivery. Please check further details about the shipping times from the checkout page.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products globally.

Is my payment information secure?

The details provided to seitet.com will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances. All data is subject to rigid data protection regulations. All details entrusted to Seitét are solely used to ensure that the company continues to uphold personalized service to make your shopping experience the most convenient possible.

All sensitive data transferred to and from seitet.com is encrypted using the most modern technology (SSL 128-bit). For security reasons, Seitét does not save credit card information. The data is immediately passed to the company’s payment systems, PayPal or Stripe, for payment processing.


4.6 Reviews

Margret Y.
The dog decor set is as beautiful as I expected. The finish quality is top-draw. I love it. My husband is planning to get more home décor items from and I cannot wait to see how much it’s going to transform our home. To be honest, I had a bit of skepticism at first considering the fact that we have bought home décor items online before and it didn’t end well for us. But this Seitet® really wowed me more than I expected. In a few weeks, we will have more in our home so I’m kinda excited to start decorating again.

Jordan L.
For a while now, I’ve been searching for the perfect side piece for my living room. A cousin suggested this piece from Seitet® and it looks like my best decision in a long while.

Willie l.
It’s really a quality home decor product – the design, the styling and decor pieces are all quality materials. You can feel the quality just by touching or holding it. Nfact, leaving the decor piece on the table is a vibe on its own. I love my purchase.

Prosper F.
I needed to replace my home décor piece as my previous one was broke and I had patched it up but it wasn’t just the same anymore. I stumbled on the Seitet® brand and loved it almost on sight. From the packaging to the product itself, I have zero complaints.

-Janet O.
I had just relocated to another part of town and was planning to invite guests that very weekend. It was a big house and I didn’t have any decoration items previously, the house look so empty. I needed new table decor products. My girlfriend then suggested that I try this Seitet® table decor she had seen a friend buy some weeks ago and I did. The quality of the table decor is incredible. The design is really elegant and I love the look it has added to my home.

Steffen R.
My Seitet piece came at the right time after I ordered. It’s the best home decor piece set I’ve purchased and I’ve bought a lot so I know what I’m saying.

Touissant G.
Beautiful craftsmanship. It’s a quality product all through, I love it. I have to mention that I had my doubts but not anymore. It’s high-end all through.

Allison H.
Just buy it, Looks really great. Great designs, good price. Perfect!

Judy N.
For the money, this is a really great purchase and if it were possible, I will buy another home decor item to go with my order.

Rita E.
The Seitet® is stunning design redefined. I ordered mine about 2 month ago but imagine my surprise when it got delivered to me. I got exactly what I ordered. Classy feel and color, lovely craftwork made by the finest artisans from what I read of the product. I will shop more in the near future.

Stanislas W.
11.)The quality is just clear to see. It’s a solid product that I’m proud to show off to people. I decided to set it up on my parlor table and to be fair, it has added this premium feel to it. Gorgeous design. I will be buying more in future.

Audrey I.
I bought this recently and love it so much. Superb art piece that has changed the ambience of my living room. I’m looking to buy more to own as an art collection. It’s entirely different from what every other brand is selling out there.

Katrina J.
My dad bought me this Seitet dog piece as a birthday gift. It really looks great and I can’t wait to show my friends this one!

Clarence W.
This is the best gift that I’ve gotten in the past 3 years and no, I’m not exaggerating, even my dog love it. My parents got it for me after graduation. I love quality home décor items so I wasn’t surprised when I saw it but I marveled at the quality. It has a luxury feel to it and I just hope it lasts long in my care.

Gregory S.
The color options, the design, and the level of artistry done on this Seitet piece set is just otherworldly. 100% recommended. I will buy again if I had to get another one. It’s a beautiful Seitet piece that anyone would love to own.

Ella P.
I love the elegant designs on the Seitet® products. I don’t always do this but I recommend Seitet® all the way. I was gifted a set of Seite® art pieces by my superior during my send-off party at my old workplace. I was thinking it was just the regular china table set until I opened the box it came in. They’re so gorgeous have transformed my home space. Whenever I have visitors, they can’t help but comment on how my home looks. I’m not sure if more people know about Seitet® but really more people need to know how awesome this brand is.

Brenda O.
A top quality product like this should be really expensive but this one isn’t. There’s nothing not to love about Seitet®. Their products are beautiful and affordable. I love them so much.

Natalie K.
One of my best shopping decisions of late. I expected it to be the usual ‘look good online but look poor in real life’ but imagine my surprise when it arrived. It is way more stunning than I anticipated and I’m still kinda surprised. Home décor pieces like this usually cost a fortune to own one.

Linda M.
Lovely gift item given to me by my father-in-law. We had about 6 guests over the holidays and gifted them Seitet® as well. Their joy knew no bounds…the quality is obvious merely by looking at the products.

Jacqueline D.
If you need to spice up your space with luxurious but affordable home décor items that have amazing designs, the Seitet® brand is a wonderful recommendation. A few Seitet® home décor items on your desk can make a lot of difference. I will buy a few more for the house in the next few months.

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

Dark Green, Orange, Grey Brown, Black


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Seitét Astronauta® Mini II Table Décor
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